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To elucidate means to make something clear or understandable, especially by providing more details or explanations. The word comes from the Latin verb elucidare, which means “to make clear” or “to shine light upon”


The name Elucidate Movement reflects the owner’s vision of teaching movement as a language. Kimo Frederiksen, a personal trainer with nearly two decades of experience, realized that all movement originates from the communication between our muscles and our mind. To elucidate movement means to help people become more attuned to these internal dialogues. By doing so, we can correct improper firing patterns, enhance mobility and strength, and also understand what our body needs to stay healthy.


Elucidate Movement is 100% online coaching and can be utilized anywhere. No equipment is needed, and all programs are completely formatted per individual. If you are curious, do not be afraid to contact us directly with any inquiries. 


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