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Kimo Frederiksen is the founder and head trainer of Elucidate Movement. Kimo has a passion for helping people achieve their health and wellness goals, whether they are beginners or advanced athletes. They believe that fitness is not about physical appearance, but rather, the connection between muscles and mind. This will allow for more intuitive, safe, and creative movement practices. The appearance will still result, but why not enjoy the process over the outcome?

Kimo’s journey to fitness started in their late teen years. After growing up overweight and unhappy with their body, they decided to make changes. The beginning was very much based on image, but everything shifted as they began to build confidence. Instead of wanting to look "good", Kimo became obsessed with chasing the feeling of being healthy and strong. Guess what? Kimo still "struggles" with weight. It is 100% normal and healthy to carry extra weight depending on genetics, hormones, and many other factors. Weight might shift with the healthier you are, and that is the main point. The goal and practice should always focus on being healthier and whatever other factors shift will just be bonuses. 

As Kimo continued down this movement wormhole, they enrolled in the National Personal Training Institute. NPTI is a hands-on personal training school that taught Kimo all about the science and art of human movement. They became certified as a personal trainer and began their career at a corporate gym but soon realized that they wanted to create a more personal and supportive environment for their clients. Kimo ran a small fitness studio called True Body Fitness from 2010 to 2023 in Detroit, Michigan. In 2015, they also began a career in circus arts. They still travel all over the map, teaching partner acrobatics at festivals. That also sparked an obsession with hand balancing. Finally, in 2023, Kimo began their newest endeavor, Elucidate Movement.

Kimo’s philosophy is that fitness should be fun, accessible, and empowering for everyone. They strive to make each session challenging, enjoyable, and rewarding. Movement is not a punishment. If it feels like that, it is only a sign you haven't found what you enjoy… yet. Let Kimo help find a path to your movement life!

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