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Kimo training virtually elucidate movement

Join Virtually From ANYWHERE!

What exactly is online personal training? 

The beautiful part about personal training is that it can be whatever YOU need it to be. Each session is an hour long and catered per individual. Kimo Frederiksen has almost two decades of experience and pulls from many different modalities of movement. 

As an introduction to services Kimo is offering

2 sessions for $49


First session being a consultation, second session a full workout.


The consultation will include a trouble shooting of technology to ensure things like audio and video are properly working, a discussion on goals and current physical conditions, and an analysis of your space and available tools. This includes recommendations on purchases that might expand your current goals. No tools are needed for these sessions, but some might be helpful depending on certain goals. Another large part of a consultation is simply getting to know one another. There is no sweeter bond than that of a trainer/client. It is very important you feel that!

The workout will be 100% catered to you and your needs based on the consultation. There is no script to be followed. 

Contact Us directly for any questions or to schedule your first session!

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