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Before there was Elucidate, there was True Body Fitness.


The history of True Body Fitness is a story of passion, perseverance, and community. True Body Fitness was founded by Kimo Frederiksen, a certified personal trainer who wanted to create a more personal and supportive environment for their clients. They started the business out of a home in the suburbs in 2008 and moved to Detroit’s Corktown in 2010. For nearly 15 years, they built a loyal community of clients and trainers who appreciated the friendly, professional, and customized approach to training.

True Body Fitness had a mission to provide "fitness without the attitude". They were dedicated to helping people achieve their health and wellness goals, whether they were beginners or advanced athletes. They believed that fitness is not only about physical appearance but also about mental and emotional well-being. They strived to make each session challenging, enjoyable, and rewarding for their clients. They also encouraged them to be mindful of their nutrition, sleep, stress, and self-care habits.

True Body Fitness was more than just a personal training studio. It was also a part of the Detroit business community and a supporter of local entrepreneurs and creatives. They loved collaborating with other businesses in the area, as well as hosting events and workshops at the studio.


They even raised money to certify a few youngsters as trainers.


In 2023, True Body Fitness transitioned to completely virtual and rebranded as Elucidate Movement. The community still lives on in Detroit as a new studio called Everyday Athlete. Everyday Athlete is run by the incredible owner/trainer Julian Rivera, a former trainer of True Body Fitness. The studio survived everything, even a pandemic, for nearly two decades thanks to the strength of its supporters. Pay attention to Everyday Athletes as they are going to make their mark in the fitness field. 

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