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We love our clients at every fitness level. Here's what they said about us. 

I have been the beneficiary of Kimo’s guidance and encouragement for over 12 years now and I cannot emphasize enough how helpful, patient, professional and motivating he is. He’s great at learning each client’s unique needs and also at finding what motivates each individual. He has helped me through numerous sports injuries and post-surgery recovery. I have been a client both in-person and virtually and I highly recommend Kimo as a trainer!

Peter R. client since July 2012

Kimo at Elucidate Movement was absolutely phenomenal! I’ll admit, I was hesitant at first, thinking I wouldn’t get ‘worthy’ workout in at home. But man was I WRONG! The exercises and knowledge this man has is incredible. I’ve even cancelled my gym membership and solely work with Kimo. The best part- I can do it from ANYWHERE! Total workout freedom as I call it. Try a session with him, I promise you will not regret it!

Joshua F. client since May 2014

"I have worked out with Kimo twice a week for the last four years. Kimo has listened to my needs and come to understand what my body is capable of and makes sure every workout is designed just for me. For me, working out is about stress relief and feeling strong and healthy.  It was a priority that I felt good about each workout and didn't end up feeling burnt out and unmotivated to come each week.  Since I know other people who work out with Kimo, I know he's capable of meeting a large variety of client needs and I'm thankful he listens to me and makes sure I'm getting the workout I most need." 

Katy L.  client since ​September 2011

Kimo is excellent at on-line training, explains every movement well, meets your individual workout needs, and with whatever equipment you have - or don't have! You really don't need any equipment to get a good workout with Kimo guiding you.

Kristine K. client since July 2011 

Kimo is a consummate professional. We have worked out together for 12 years, both in person and most recently online. Kimo is extremely knowledgeable and continues to develop innovative workouts that are challenging, effective and fun. Simply put, he is the best!

Anne W. client since September 2012 

Kimo is so kind and really cares about your overall and long term wellness. The online classes are easy to follow but challenging enough to that even a seasoned gym goer can feel accomplished after. There’s no ego in his programs and he’ll guide you toward whatever your fitness goals might be with care and good humor.

Jon K. client since December 2022 

When I first met Kimo three years ago I was starting to buy into ageism with thoughts like “I'm getting old”, “I used to be able to do that”. Kimo patiently worked with me at my physical level and gave me feedback that transformed my body and mindset. I now see myself in a whole new light, feeling strong and enjoying my workouts. Through Kimo’s compassionate and personable teaching style I have met my initial health goals and truly look forward to continuing my online sessions. I highly recommend Kimo as a personal trainer as he is exceptional at his profession and is a great mentor!

Dorothea P. client since March 2021 

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